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Please read this advice carefully.

Email the material to LocalNewsByEmail (at), making it very clear to which edition your submission is aimed. Please don't ask for more than one newsletter - see below.

Please submit as soon as possible as the newsletters are currently not published to a rigid deadline. Submissions of a commercial nature will be asked for a donation towards our costs - click here for details. Publication of items is at the discretion of the Editor.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently publishing 7 different editions:

                                    (1) Amersham
                                    (2) Beaconsfield
                                    (3) Chalfont St Giles
                                    (4) Chalfont St Peter
                                    (5) Chesham
                                    (6) Chorleywood
                                    (7) Gerrards Cross

                                                                                        ...........with more to follow soon.

AND ANOTHER THING: Each newsletter aims to be specific to each community, relating to local events in that area. An event in Amersham, for example, will be published in the Amersham newsletter. Please don't therefore ask for items to be published in several newsletters as this is rarely appropriate. (If you're very keen to have multiple entries then can always pay.)

PLUS: Each item submitted will only be published ONCE unless there are exceptional reasons to repeat it.